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Tony Dungy Hates Them Gays

Well, duh. Any man that possesses such a faith in God HAS to hate gay people. It's part of that silly credo Christians believe in.

Oh, I guess a backstory is necessary:

Dungy appears on the website for the Indiana Family Institute, promoting a fundraiser in which Dungy will be the guest of honor.

That sounds really pleasant, you know? I'm all for family -- nothing like having a support system in place for when times get tough. But the Indiana Family Institute, you see here's the kicker, only supports family if it's "God's" version of family. Husband, wife, happy children, no abortion history, no gays. Remember, if you're gay, God hates you and so does the IFI and so does Tony Dungy.

Well, a website by the name of Bilerico.com, the self-proclaimed voice of the lesbian, gay, transexual, and bisexual community in Indiana, isn't happy. They've gotten their leather vests and assless chaps all in a bunch and they're speaking out:

The IFI is one of the leading proponents of SJR7, the proposed Indiana Constitutional amendment on marriage rights, and other legislative efforts to deny equal rights to LGBT folks. Under the guise of protecting traditional family values, it helps spread misinformation that fosters bigitory toward our community and our own families.


Tony's prominent appearance before this group, as a representative of a major sports institution in Indianapolis, sends a chilling message. All of us shared the grief that Tony and his family experienced a year ago when his son took his own life. I understand that stories about a connection to sexual orientation were unfounded, and I would defend Tony's right to consider that a private matter. Still, there is an irony many of us in the LGBT community know well: The number of LGBT youth who have taken their lives because of self-hatred and homophobia is much above the national average.

All kidding aside, that was the first thing that came to my head when the sad death of James Dungy was announced last year. Hopefully, that was not the case. As for Dungy, this is a PR disaste, and if he's really a faithful man, he'll see it in his heart to forgive those big queens and cancel his appearance.

If the Bears are really looking for a competitive edge this Sunday, may I suggest switching to rainbow unis, running onto the field to "It's Raining Men," and celebrating touchdowns with mimosas?



The fact that Dungy's son not only committed suicide, but had a history of suicidal behavior made me think whatever Dungy's pious pronouncements, he's full of crap when it comes to spouting bullshit about "family." At best, Tony Dungy and his career ALWAYS came before his family. At BEST.

Agreed. You can claim all the love of family you want, coaching in the NFL requires 12+ hour work days and a total of months away from home.

You guys will never get it, attacking Tony Dungy only makes you look bad. At no point has Dungy ever said that he hates gays, and to suggest it is complete ignorance. Now I can honestly say I am a christain man who supports the equal rights for all men and women, regardless of race, creed or sexual preference. But it is irritating me that you would attack a man like Tony Dungy, if you should be attacking anyone go after IFI. I may support your cause but I do not support your methods, which are cowardly and far too extreme.

due respect sir, if you buy the brownies at the kkk bakesale, you fall in rank with david duke. it doesn't matter if you haven't burnt any crosses.

The comments about the death of Tony's son are reprehensible! And you call yourselves the 'tolerant' ones. You should be ashamed...though I doubt you are.

My cousin committed suicide last year. He battled depression all of his life. I can only imagine the filty things you would say to my aunt as she too is a Christian woman.

You disgust me.

the issue isn't with "christians", it's with people who support fundamentalist organizations that use the bible as an excuse to promote bigotry.

and though perhaps we disgust you with our "tolerant" views, and our "belief" that all people be treated as equals, i hope that as a christian you'll find it in your heart to forgive us, as is the basic nature of your faith.

i'm truly sorry for your loss, and wish you and your aunt nothing but the best - but if as a christian woman your aunt was attending "family" rallies that not only PROMOTED but CONDITIONED hate among youth, i would question her family values as well.

i am NOT saying thats the case, as i literally know nothing of your aunt, and in my experience most christians (and people in general) are a likeable lot. my point is rather that one thing does not excuse criticism of the other.

I confess that over the years, I have been known to change my position in regards to various subjects. I view flexibility as a good thing. Also, it matters how one presents an argument. It isn't always wise or necessary to go for blood when disagreeing with someone.

But, I have to say that after reading some of the vicious, mean-spirited comments in regards to the suicide of Dungy's son, I wouldn't blame him a bit if he NEVER changed his mind about gays/gay marriage. A cut that deep is akin to a blood libel and it ought never be forgiven.

I only pray that Tony and his family never read any of the remarks that gays and their supporters have made.

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