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Peyton Manning's A Choker?

It took a week after the Saints lost to the Bears to actually be able to muster any interest in football again. For a while, I didn't want to hear about Peyton Manning's quest to get off the shitter or Rex Grossman's quest to get as drunk as possible while not spending any time preparing for the game.

But NFL fans of 31 teams have been able to bond by laughing at Peyton Manning's playoff ineptitude, and I think, for me anyway, it's just starting to sink in that Sunday could be the end of all of that. Let's all just take a moment and appreciate that sad reality -- in only a few days, we might have to endure the awkward video of a stiff Manning holding up the Lombardi Trophy. You just know he'll be all classy about it, too.

We've been living in a simple time -- one where thoughts of Manning's playoff futility would last forever. Unfortunately, it seems as if the end might be nigh, and so we should soak it in while we still have the chance. Hence, the video above.

What I want to know is, what questions shouldn't we ask? And, you want to know why I really posted this video? It's not because of the song, which is kinda stupid and sophomoric. THE GUY'S WEARING AN EAGLES JERSEY. And he's singing a song about choking? People in glass houses....