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This Ain't Around the Horn, Plaschke

Everywhere you go on this here series of tubes, the sporting world is talking about Media Day and making fun of how absolutely ridiculous it is. We're not gonna go there. Media Day is totally awesome, because the players don't wanna be there, the reporters don't wanna be there. The players just want to get drunk and bang groupies, the reporters want to hit the buffet table and get buffalo wing sauce all over their hands. And, if the tide breaks right, there's always the possibility that something great can happen.

Best question of Media Day comes from Bill Plaschke, who grills Tank Johnson, asking him if he's gone out to nightclubs since he's been in Miami and if he's sorry for what happened.

"Sorry to who?" asks Tank.

"Sorry to society," says Plaschke.

Johnson then turns his back to Plaschke while the reporter says "no seriously" a couple times.

The silence and tension last for 30 seconds, as none of the 30 or so reporters around Johnson asks another question, waiting for Johnson to say something.

Johnson then pulled out a gun and shot Plaschke, point blank in the head. OK, that didn't happen.

Close, but no cigar. The tide looked promising but the wave rolled over instead of breaking. Still, nice job by Plaschke for going for the home run instead of asking the standard boilerplate. Hey Bill, you're on vacation. Lighten up, pal. It's not Outside the Lines.