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The Future of Devils Hockey?

Thanks to With Leather for this terrifying glimpse at the future of the Devils.

It's been bad enough watching this team play without Scott Stevens and Ken Daneyko; I haven't even wanted to tempt myself into thinking about the future of the team once The Best Goalie Of All-Time and irrefutable deity Martin Brodeur retires. As far as I'm concerned, he'll play forever.

At least, I hope so after seeing this video. Jeff Frazee is a second-round pick, 38th overall, of my beloved Devils and is currently playing in college to prepare for a potential career in the NHL. The Devils have gone through a lot of farm-system goalies in Brodeur's stint with the Devils, but he doesn't have much time left and the team needs to find his eventual replacement to groom. Enter Frazee. Except, he's not gonna get anywhere letting in goals like that.

Marty, listen to me. NEVER RETIRE. NEVER. Gordie Howe played into his 70s, so can you.



Let's not forget the goal Marty gave up to Anaheim in the SCF of 2003? It unfortunately happens to the best of them, so let's not make too big a deal of a young goalie who has played well at the national level thus far, and should have a bright career ahead of him.

Of course I was exaggerating; Frazee's still in college and those fluke goals happen. But the goal Marty let up wasn't a clean shot from the other end of the rink that just squeaked through his five hole.

Trust me, I'm pinning my hopes on Frazee.

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