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Mash 'Em Up

Here's the hot new mixtape burning up the Internet this morning: the Allen Iverson/Jim Mora mash-up video. Pretty good stuff, but could be better.

First of all, it needs to be longer. Second, this mixtape needs to be fleshed out. The dichotomous mash-up is so passe. That died with The Grey Album. If you'd like to come correct, you need to do something creative. Don't just settle for two ingredients! Throw in some flavor, Girl Talk-style, with a bunch of different videos. The "game" movement that comes at about :20 seconds could have also used Herm Edwards' "We play to win the game," clip and maybe some of Denny Green's "That's why we took the damn field!" on the down-beats.

And what about Jim Schoenfeld's "You fat pig!" insult. That could have been the bridge. Maybe put a little delay on it.

Oh, and a guest verse from Ludacris. That'd finish it off.