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Maybe Kornheiser Isn't So Smart After All

The Monday Night Football staff this year has been nothing but disappointing. I'm not disappointed with Joe Theismann, because I had no expectations for him to be anything more than awful. However, I was expecting Tony Kornheiser to be somewhat entertaining. He's tried to rile up Theismann by calling him out and constantly disagreeing with him, and that was OK for a few games before it got old. Kornheiser has spent time talking about how the game helps his fantasy team and making dumb jokes. Make you miss Dennis Miller much?

Tonight, actually trying to be a commentator during the Colts/Bengals game, he said, "The Colts need this game more than the Bengals."

Uhhhh... how does that make sense?


It doesn't matter that Indy has lost three of their last four. They were 10-3 coming into the game and pretty much a guarantee to make the playoffs. They need to fight for a first round bye, which is important. However, the Benglals loss put them at 8-6, tied with the Jets, Denver, and Jacksonville and only one game up on Tennessee, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, and Buffalo. A win would have kept them a game up in the wild card. Now they're tied with a bunch of teams and one dangerous loss away from falling out of playoff contention.

So what's more important? Making the playoffs or a first round bye? According to Tony Kornheiser, the front-runner for biggest disappointment of the year, it's home field advantage. According to logic, it's the playoffs.

Indy has Houston and Miami left on their schedule. They'll win at least one of those games and should win both of them -- but never underestimate the spoiler power of Miami. Cincinnati is at Denver next week -- a team they are tied with -- and then host Pittsburgh the final week. Neither of those games are gimmes. Yet, they'll need to win both to keep their head above water in the wild card race.

Really, can't we get Vermeil and Jaws into the booth already? Kornheiser, who was going to be the bright spot in the MNF crew, sucks like the rest of them. It's sad, but what do you expect from a guy who made the penguin dance famous?


You might recall that Kornheiser's paper "The Washington Post" panned him at the beginning of the season.

He might be good with Michael Wilbon sometimes, but Tony's schtick got old a long time ago... before he was even on MNF.

True. I was all about PTI and Tony back in college a few years ago, but then stopped when I got home. At first, I thought it was because I was always working, but now, even if I'm not, I don't watch PTI much. I think we all learned this season that Kornheiser can't focus on one thing for more than five minutes.

If I must watch MNF I have to do it with the sound down. I thought I could listen ironically ("let's hear what Theisman will say next!") but I couldn't handle it. PAINFUL.

Tony K did one good thing the other week: He got Jim Belushi the fuck off the screen post haste.

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