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Further Transportation Trouble For Fred Smoot

It hasn't been a great year for Fred Smoot. He was involved in the famous Vikings sex boat incident, in which he was accused of being a primary contributor to the debauchery. He was benched, despite making $6M a year. Well, that all sounds pretty good to me so far, come to think of it. Where can I sign up for sex parties and $6M for a year of doing nothing?

But now he's broken his face after a single-car accident. His jaw is now in five pieces. I'll leave the oral sex jokes to you.

After already being benched and with the Vikings looking to go with youth and character, it looks as if Smoot's days are numbered. It's probably better for him, anyway. Minnesota is shit as far as loose women are concerned. He's much better off with the Dolphins. And, hey! They need a cornerback.

It's a match made in heaven. Or he could just forget about being a football player and turn to the wonderful world of adult entertainment instead. He was once a promising young corner, but he now appears to have the requisite skills to turn the perverted world on its ear.



I hate to send a correction your way, but Smoot has played in 14 games this season and his interception return last week accounted for all the scoring by the Vikings. Smoot is far from washed up... although yes, he was the leader of the infamous boat outing.

He was pulled from the starting lineup for a rookie. He's not been a starter in 2 of the last 4 games.

And I never said he was washed up. But his time in Minnesota is probably done.

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