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The Big Mistake

The Diamondbacks have confirmed their interest in reacquiring Randy Johnson from the Yankees. I'm at a loss for words.

The Diamondbacks have built a corp of impressive young prospects and they've got money to spend. Why waste both on an over-the-hill redneck? They were lucky to get rid of him the first time; of course the move was going to blow up in the Yankees' face. Didn't they watch Johnson in New York? Or are they still in love with the man who helped bring them a World Series?

Beyond that, I have my own selfish reasons. Clearing Johnson's salary from the books would allow the Yankees to pursue Barry Zito. And I simply don't want that to happen. In my fantasy football league this year, one owner gave me flack for trading with another owner. The deal was fair, but the third owner was upset that I helped someone else better their team (even if I was bettering my own in the process -- something which, by the way, the Diamondbacks aren't doing here). I don't want the Yankees to get better. They got themselves stuck in the position they're in, and the rest of MLB should let them find a way to work themselves out of it on their own.