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You Got Served: Shawne Merriman Edition

Here it comes. Jason Taylor sets down the boombox in front of Shawne Merriman, hits play....

Let's see you dance, sucka! You got nothin' on me!

Peep the quote:

"You really shouldn't be able to fail a test like that and play in this league, to begin with," Taylor said Wednesday. "To make the Pro Bowl and all the other awards, I think you're walking a fine line of sending the wrong message."

"A performance-enhancing drug is, obviously, what it is," Taylor said. "You enhance your performance by doing that. You fail that test, I think it's not right. It's against the rules and ultimately I think it's sending the wrong message to the youth in America and the people who look at this game not only as entertainment but also to learn lessons from it."

Apparently Merriman has decided not to serve Taylor back, going the diplomatic route instead. He feels as if he's served his time and that any further punishment is unwarranted. The Merriman for Pro Bowl or Defensive Player of the Year argument is picking up steam as end-of-the-season awards are being contemplated. Over at the mothership, lead bloggers MJD and MDS have made their points of view known.

I guess Merriman should be eligible. He did serve his time. But only if we're sure he's actually clean now that his suspension is over.