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You Won't Get Any Played-Out "Stay Classy, San Diego" Jokes Here

The NFL has a new, legitimate star on the way. He's playing with the best running back ever (yes, I just said that. And I mean it). That means Chargers fans are set for a pretty long time.

I usually have no problem conjuring up resentment for...just about everything. But I can't hate on the Chargers. Though Roethlisberger has the first Super Bowl of the big three of the 2004 draft (J.P. Losman is not welcome), Rivers looks like he's the best of the bunch. And he could very well get that Super Bowl this year. The Chargers have the two necessary components of a championship team -- run offense and defense -- and they've got them both in spades. And Rivers has proven he's no game-manager (I hate that cliche); he's a threat on offense. He even speaks like a seasoned pro; when he gives post-game press conferences he comes off as confident and fully capable of being a successful NFL quarterback. I'm still holding out for that Rivers/Brees Super Bowl match, though.

As for Tomlinson, what could you even say anymore? He's going to break Emmitt Smith's rushing record. He'll probably sit atop the all-time rush touchdown list by the time he retires. He can catch and he can throw, as well. I mean, 15 touchdowns in 5 games? Do you even comprehend how good that is? Extrapolate that. That's 46 in a season. Of course he'll never rush for 46 in a season....or will he? If there was ever a running back who made you honestly question the possibilities of that achievement, it's Tomlinson. That says a lot.



Fuck the Chargers. Steroid-takin' motherfuckers, that's what they are. Let's see how Rivers does against number 24 on Sunday.

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