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Weekend Recap

Since Tom and I are too busy on the weekends trying to get drunk and meet the ladies, and often too busy failing at both, we don't always get to update during the weekends. So like my work in high school, I've decided to do it late Sunday night.

In college football, if you were a ranked team, there's a good chance you got upset. I thought the worst upset was Texas losing to Kansas State. The loss of Colt McCoy killed the Longhorns. The backup, Jevan Snead, just didn't have enough accuracy to hook up with his receivers. If he did, they could have won that game. Plus, the name Colt McCoy is perfect for a quarterback. When the McCoys named their son Colt, it was destined that he'd be a college quarterback -- or rodeo cowboy.


As Tom mentioned, you really can't escape baseball. However, unlike him, I don't really mind. There's no official word on the Matsuzaka bidding, but rumor has it that the Red Sox had the highest bid. Whoever wins that one will probably lose by over-paying for someone they really know nothing about.

Aramis Ramirez signed a five year, $75M deal to stay with the Cubs, which should hopefully end all A-Rod trade talk. The Cubs also signed Kerry Wood to a one-year deal. I guess Cub fans can't get enough of watching him hurt.

The Yankes shipped Sheffield to the Tigers for three minor league pitchers. That's actually a really good trade for the Yanks, who unloaded a waste of space and got pitchers from the system that gave us studs like Justin Verlander and Jeremy Bonderman.

We're still waiting on the announcement on the Cy Youngs and MVPs. I think they release those statistics in the middle of next season.

No team can really get momentum going in the NFL, except for the Colts, who are 9-0 after a thriller win over the ... well ... Buffalo Bills. Someone beat those punks already! Kansas City was looking good, but lost to Miami. The Jags were looking good but lost to the Texans. The Cowboys can never get it going.

A brief aside on the Cowboys. I was at the Sportz Bar (Rt. 10 at the Ramada -- shameless plugs) and there were a group of Cowboy fans who went nuts every time Dallas scored against the hapless Cardinals. After awhile, I'd figure they'd just give a nice clap and a few "yeahs," but no. Each time, it was like they had hit a game-winning field goal. I guess since they never actually hit game-winning field goals, they have to pretend when they can.

That was the weekend as I saw it. Some college basketball was played, too, but unless you like 50-point wins, it's not exciting until conference play starts up. Hopefully, your weekend was good. As long as it's better than the Arizona Cardinals, you're alright. They haven't had a good weekend in ages.