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Now Walk it Out!

Devin Hester is an absolute animal. And he should thank Tom Coughlin for being stupid enough to kick a 50+ yard field goal with an easily-rattled kicker in the rain on wet turf. Great decision, Turn Your Head and Cough-lin (I don't want any royalties for that, Berman, just credit).

So, the Bears have two defensive backs on the roster (the other being, of course, Nathan Vasher. But you knew that) who share the record for longest plays in NFL history with 108 yards. I hope they each get half of a football tattooed someplace discreet, that way when they stand next to each other it forms an entire football. It would commemorate the moment. You know, symbolism and stuff.

What this does is give me an opportunity to share one of my favorite sport-related YouTube videos with you -- Hester returning a punt against Duke when he was with The U. I understand that it was against Duke football, which is the equivalent of the Devils playing the Mighty Ducks (the movie team, not the actual one). But, still. Wow.

Also, let's give a little credit to the blockers, for once. How about Charles Tillman absolutely BLOWING UP Shaun O'Hara? How did O'Hara manage to play the rest of the game after Tillman shat all over him? Do you think he had to change jerseys? I mean, good lord. Well done.



That was insane.

I feel bad because I had flipped him off on his previous return for running backward. That's 3 returned touchdowns for him so far--BUT, 1 turnover that cost a score and some really bad cocky risk-taking that left bad field position.

Work in progress, I guess, He is amazing when he's on.

Yeah, you're going to have to take the good with the bad for a while, barabajagal. Guys like Hester are boom or bust; as long as you're getting more boom you're fine, especially with a defense like the Bears', which gives them the ability to escape unscathed from dangerous situations.

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