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Welcome to the Life, Miami

Well I think I speak for just about everyone when I say that last night's ridiculously lopsided Bulls/Heat game was unexpected. Or maybe it wasn't such a shock? The Heat are an old, experienced team. But mainly just old. Their starting lineup averaged 31.4 years old last night. The Bulls? 27.4 It turns out the difference between 27 and 31 is the difference between an experienced team in its prime and an experience team coming over the top of the hill.

If you need in-game proof, check these: the Bulls controlled the glass 49-29, committed less turnovers (21-16), and shot 11% better from the field (49.4-38.5).

It's a long season, and the Heat got caught sleeping on this night. If they couldn't keep up with the young legs after a summer off, how will they fare with bruised bodies in January? Besides, it can't be easy to focus for Shaq, who's already got one foot in his next career.