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Getting Litigious on the Links

Two men are going to court over a $50,000 hole-in-one prize.

When you think of golfers, you think of country clubs, bad outfits, and conniving weathermen trying to keep you from your tee time. But it makes sense that two guys are getting all legal on this ish, because golfers are usually lawyers (and Jews!). But seriously, folks -- Brit Martin won the jackpot after hitting a hole-in-one. He was part of a team organized by Mike Neutze, who says that because it was his team, and he was the one who encouraged Martin to participate in the challenge, he's the one entitled to help decide what to do with the prize. It sounds like Neutze is a prick who should bugger off, right? Well, here's the catch:

Neutze wants to split the prize with the Kerrville Professional Firefighters Association, which makes sense since this was, you know, a charity golf tournament. Martin? He wants to keep all $50k to himself and help launch his (let's face it, impossible) dream of becoming a pro golfer. So who should get the prize? Yea, sure, Martin was the one who made the shot. But spending the money in hopes of going pro is like me taking that money and training for Cirque De Soleil -- I could never learn how to dance (is that what they do? Who knows), and besides, I'll never have the legs for those tights. It just wouldn't work.

So who should get the money? It's hard to argue with charity, even if Neutze didn't do a thing to earn the prize.