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Recanting About Michael Vick

It was pointed out to us that maybe, just maybe, Michael Vick has finally "gotten it" after throwing 7 touchdowns and 0 interceptions in the last two games, and that maybe we should take back what we've said about him many, many times in the past. Others have pointed out that perhaps he pictures my face on every single defender on the field and wants to get revenge on Da Route (I promise never to call it that again) for besmirching his name. So will we apologize, and admit fault?

Well, no. At least not yet. I made this deal with loyal reader kwantiko last night, and I'm putting it here so it lives in infamy. I will recant on everything I've said about Vick and praise him to the skies if the Falcons make the playoffs, and he finishes with a higher QB rating than 95. If he continues on the pace he's set the last couple of games, that should be no problem. But I'm still skeptical.

Look -- the last two games, Vick has looked great. But let's not forget that he just now has as many great passing days this season as Alex Smith. Two games does not a great quarterback make.

So the challenge is on, Mike (or Michael, or Ron, whatever you're going by these days). Good luck.



Michael Vick you run really fast, and I am a really big fan of yours. from your biggest fan HAYDEN ORRELL

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