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Good Night in New Jersey

What a great win in New Jersey last night.

I'm talking, of course, about the Devils' 2-1 shootout victory over the Blackhawks. Man, it was sweet. Zach Parise and Brian Gionta scored in the shootout for the win.

I hear there was another big game in New Jersey last night, but I wouldn't know because I didn't watch it. No, unlike the rest of the nation, I am not in love with the Cinderalla Scarlet Knights. And it's got nothing to do with them. You see, I find it impossible to watch any college football because of that awful BCS system. The fact that Rutgers could go undefeated this year over the teams they have to play, win a major BCS conference, and not play in the championship game completely discredits everything college football stands for. As a result, I won't watch it.

And I know that this is probably petty, and I'm the one losing out because I'm apparently missing some great football, but it's just something I cannot bring myself to watch. And I've tried. Trust me.

I wish Rutgers the best, I really do. I mean, they should be given a trophy for being RUT-FUCKING-GERS. Have you ever been to Rutgers? It's sweet. Can't they give a big crystal sub to the school for the iconic FAT DARRELL?

But, seriously, what the fuck? Why is an eight-team tournament too much to ask for? It's sad that college football is missing out on a to-the-grave type of football fan such as myself, and possibly more, because they're too stubborn, or dumb, or greedy enough to change the current convoluted system.

I mean, say what you want about hockey. It's boring, the names are too hard to pronounce, the scoring is too low. But they've got a sensical playoff system where each conference's best eight teams make it and they play until only one's left. It's so simple, the idea is right under NCAA's nose, yet they continue to ignore it. That's why, when the bowl series is happening in January, I'll be watching regular season hockey. Because the best teams have the opportunity to be named the best team in the league, something that obviously isn't possible in college football.



The three of us should buy Fat Cats and got to a game. Then we can get Patachos at Stuff Yer Face. Finally New Brunswick is cool.

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