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The NFL Still Doesn't Get It's Target Market

Per MJD at the FanHouse, the NFL has tabbed John Fogerty to play two different halftime shows, both live, on Thanksgiving.

I've discussed my feelings on the NFL's choice of music before, and while this isn't a great choice, it's a step in the right direction. Picking people like Pink, Britney Spears, or Janet Jackson to represent the league was more like an insult. Like the NFL gave you $100, then pissed on your leg, but you can't get mad about that because of the money, and the NFL knew you couldn't get mad, and that's why they did it. It's like a power-trip.

By picking Fogerty, they come off as just slightly out-of-touch. Like, Fogerty probably would have been a great choice to play back in the day, and because NFL execs are aging and out-of-touch, they think that he's still contemporary. But, still. Can't the NFL hire someone who actually knows about music? I'll take that job. As a matter of fact, whenever you have a spare minute, contact the NFL and let them know that they should hire me for all music-related matters. Please. We'll all benefit.

Of course, if you're gonna pick an older artist to perform for the NFL, there's only one guy that is acceptable (friends already know where I'm going with this). Brian Wilson. Seriously. Let's get the Beach Boys back together. But leave that idiot Mike Love at home. Fuck him.



I thought Green Day and U2 for the Saints/Falcons game was pretty sweet.

how come last season we were bombarded with that (MOD EDIT: homophobia is not cool) bon jovi. he sucked in the 80s and he aint got any better.then they give us that anciet group of herion junkies the rolling stones

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