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Weekend Recap

With Tom's computer and my mind on the fritz, we took the weekend off at the Out Route again. Here's what we missed:

The NFL had some big games and some big injuries. Donovan McNabb is out for the year with an ACL tear. This makes two years in a row that he'll miss a good chunk of the end of the season because of an injury. McNabb will never get the respect he deserves in Philadelphia.

Dallas rode a good defense and strong play from Tony Romo to knock off the undefeated Colts. Once again, the '72 Dolphins are having champagne. Do they really do that? You'd think after awhile, it'd just get boring. Do they do it if the only undefeated team is 4-0 when they lose? If that's the case, they're just looking for a reason to drink. Taking into account the massive amount injuries on the Giants and the poor play of the Redskins, it looks like the NFC East is now Dallas' division to win. The Giants won't give it up easily, but Dallas has to be the favorite now.


LT had four touchdowns again today, making it two weeks in a row. I know all Giant fans refuse to call LaDainian Tomlinson "LT" because of Lawrence Taylor, but they have to give it up. Taylor was great. He was one of the most dominant linebackers ever. However, Tomlinson is on his way to being the best running back ever. In fact, he could be the best offensive player ever by the time his career is up. He's good enough to be called by his initials.

The Cubs signed Alfonso Soriano to an 8-year $136M contract. That's nuts. They've already locked up Aramis Ramirez and Kerry Wood, but if they want to contend at all next year, they need starting pitching. Wood doesn't qualify.

I guess that Ohio State/Michigan game was pretty important. However, they pumped up that game for three weeks, blowing it completely out of proportion. And they reported so much on the death of Bo Schembechler that I was sick of hearing about it by the day after. I know he was a huge part of the Michigan legacy, but the constant questions about whether or not it would effect Michigan's game play were ridiculous. He wasn't their coach, so I figured they'd play the same way they would if he were alive. It's a big loss to college football, yes, but I thought, as always, they over-reported it. The death of Red Auerbach a few weeks ago was bigger news and they didn't make half the commotion about it. And if it weren't on the eve of the big game, we wouldn't hear about Schembechler half as much. Basically, they were using it to draw more ratings.

After Michigan's narrow loss, they're still #2 in the polls and BCS, even with USC winning over Cal. However, if USC beats Notre Dame, I think that'll bump up the strength of schedule and they'll overpass Michigan in the BCS. Rutgers fell for the trap game and bailed the BCS out of a huge controversy. Looks like we'll have to wait a few more years for that college playoff. Everyone thank Rutgers.

Someone won the NASCAR thing. I don't really know who or how that works. I think they just drive in circles and get points for it.