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Go Crazy, Football Fans

My skipper at AOL, Jamie Mottram, passed along an email yesterday about a pretty great contest AOL is running that, if I weren't an employee and therefore ineligible, I'd give a go at in a heartbeat.

I encourage you all to check out America Loves Football, a joint venture between AOL Sports and Uncut, their YouTube-esque video upload site. I'll let the AOL people explain the concept:

Each week, for the next seven weeks, a new video challenge will be issued to our users, such as "Show us your best end zone dance," "Share your creative game day tailgate setup," or "Show us your family's football rituals and rivalries" -- to name a few of the challenges. Contestants will then submit and upload their best football fanatic video using UnCut Video.

At the conclusion of the seven weeks, a team of judges will select the best videos from each of the seven categories. Our users will vote on the seven finalists to pick a grand-prize winner who will receive the "Ultimate Game Day Party," which includes a complete home theater system with a 46" Sony LCD TV, Bose speakers, and Sony Blu-ray DVD player. Plus, they'll receive a Dell XPS 400 Intel Viiv Media Center PC that will enable them to enjoy the full AOL Video "living room" viewing experience. We'll also provide expert installation, as well as fully cater the big game-day party for 50 of their friends.

I really think this is a great idea. Idiots and maniacs post their sport-related videos to YouTube all the time, might as well get the chance to win something because of them. And, as far as prizes go, that's a pretty fucking sweet package.

Here's a little something extra. If your video displays The Out Route and our URL prominently in the background, or on a t-shirt, or something else, you will get (you might want to sit down for this)....autographed 8x10 pictures of Kyle and I! No, seriously, we'll try and do something nice for you, whether it involves a prize or, if you're in the area, maybe we'll take you out for lunch and save you from the misery of your own existence. That'll be determined later, just get filming!