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Albert Pujols Is Still A Bitch

I called out Albert Pujols when he said that Tom Glavine "wasn't that good," even though Glavine dominated the Cards in Game 1 of the NLCS.

Now, Pujols is still whining like a brat as he complains that only players on playoff teams should win MVP. Philadelphia's Ryan Howard won the MVP over Pujos, and the Phillies did not make the playoffs. So really, Pujols' argument is that People Not Named Albert Pujols Shouldn't Win MVP. That is some bullshit.

It's not as if the Phillies were horrible. They were in the wild card race until the end of the season. And the Cardinals barely made the playoffs as it is. If Pujols really thinks he was MVP-worthy because his team made the playoffs, then show up for the playoffs. Pujols did not play like any MVP in the postseason. Hell, half the time, he was useless. If he was that deserving of the MVP because his team made the playoffs, he should have been the World Series MVP. He wasn't. David Eckstein was.

There's no doubt in my mind that Ryan Howard was the most deserving man as NL MVP. Time and time again, he delivered crucial hits and home runs when the Phillies needed it. You couldn't stop him. If we're going to look at the playoffs to determine MVPs, Pujols' playoff performance didn't help his bid.

Oh, and 58 homers. Beat that, Albert.



I'm obviously for Albert here so I won't waste my team trying to convince you...don't really need to...the stats show Albert did more actual carrying of his team than Howard according to some MNBC article...however...do you remeber what Albert did after talking about Glavine the next time he faced him? He hit a home run...I was there...he backed his shit up...the fact is I doubt Albert meant to take a swipe at Howard. This came from a Dominican source and he probably thought it wouldn't make it's way over here. Go ahead and piss him off though because he seems to do better under scrutiny and when he's pissed off...by the way if you want to know what kind of guy he really is check out his website...one of the most caring, pious, and generous players in sports...also VERY competitive so excuse his ambition...he IS the BEST in the game...oh yeah! he was on pace to hit 80 HRs before he was hurt for 2 weeks...

But he was hurt and didn't come back with that stride. So he didn't deserve it. The fact is, Albert had more role players. He didn't carry the team.

I didn't question his charitable events either. He was just complaining. It doesn't matter where he said it. He said it.

And I don't think I'm gonna piss him off. Albert Pujols doesn't read this. (If he did, I wouldn't retract anything.) He is one of the best in the game. But Ryan Howard was more valuable to his team.

OMG!!!!! How dare you! Albert had to stand in line for 2 yrs behind "The Steroid King" and take 2nd place in voting for MVP! And despite all the steroids Big Bad Barry didn't make it to the playoffs either year and he won over Albert! I am not saying that Howard is not valuable to the Phillies, I am saying that ALBERT IS THE BEST and deserves the best. And having to play 2nd fiddle to a so called MVP that couldn't get his team to the playoffs is nothing more than an INSULT!!! I have 2 boys who love baseball. We attend several Cards home games a year and I tell my boys over and over to strive to be like Albert. He is the PERFECT example of a TEAM member, a TEAM player, a GOOD sport,he is so passionate about the game and it shows both on and off the field! He gets some flack and he doesn't even have to say ANYTHING back and he is ejected from a game. What do you call that? In my opinion Albert is the greatest player in the game. I consider myself privileged that I have seen him play ball in person as many times as I have. I am sooooo looking forward to the start of the 07 season when Albert can get back to work and break some more records! How many has Howard broke????
I can sum it up in one word........J E A L O U S!! Just wait till his contract comes up for negotiations and see how many people will be mouthing him then!!
Oh yeah, just how many times did Howard strike out this season. I know it was WAAAAAY more than 50!!!!!!!

Jesus...it's the Michael Vick debate all over again...

Look, I agree that Pujols is the best player in the game. MVP does not equal best. MVP = most valuable. Why do people still confuse the two? And, best or no best, Howard had the better season. It doesn't take anything away from Pujols' abilities. And it's not like he still hasn't won an MVP. He got one last year.

By the way, regardless of who was more deserving (because we'll never ever come to an agreement about this), Pujols still came out and complained about the decision. That's lame. And the fact that this wasn't the first instance of him being lame in the media is indicative of the fact that he's lame. Great player, but lame. Being lame, consequently, isn't the worst thing on earth. I'd rather be lame than any of things that Barry Bonds or AJ Pierzynski is. But it's still lame.

i like that "pious" comes into play here, haha. i'm pious too, can i get a trophy?

dude, pujols had more game winning RBI than ryan howard. that, right there, is the end-all, be-all stat that should exemplify an MVP.

sadly enough as a die hard cubs fan I do agree that Albert is the best in the game, however Ryan Howard had the better season, I to consider it a privalage to have seen him play in person but i also hate him with a passion as well as the rest of the cardinals organization and their fans. Cardinals take it up their Pujols

Shut the fuck up you pussy Albert is greatest ever

Albert should have won MVP because he was the MVP he also won a Gold Glove.

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