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Does Michael Strahan Have Amnesia?

"It's a shame," Strahan said on the radio Monday. "You can't give up. You can't quit, because you're not quitting on yourself, you're quitting on everybody. I don't quite understand what his lack of motivation is in those types of situations. But I'm going to try to see what it is, and if I can talk to him about it. He's too good for that."

That quote, delivered by Michael Strahan, is about Plaxico Burress. It was, of course, inspired by Burress' lack of any sort of motivation on Eli Manning's interception against the Titans.

"We don't have that division," Strahan added. "So if you want to come here with a negative, you are coming to the wrong guy, because I am not a negative guy. I don't kill my teammates. I'm a man and I talk to my teammates."

Oh, really? Something doesn't quite mix.

The Giants are falling apart at the seams. It's one thing to hear Shockey speak out against the team, or even Burress. That's what they're known for. But when Strahan and Tiki Barber come with disruptive comments, it makes you wonder exactly what is going on in the Giants' locker room.

But I don't buy it. Strahan knew what he was saying on the radio. And he knew what the reaction would be. And he knew what he was going to say when the reaction came. This is the same guy who filed a grievance against Tom Coughlin last year for practicing him too hard, and then denied it. He's trying to get Coughlin fired, and stirring up the madness is his way of getting it done.

Sad thing is, it'll probably work. Poor, poor Tom Coughlin. You're not in Jacksonville anymore.