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Pujols is a Bitch

I hate players who can't give credit where credit is due. I liked Matt Leinart until he claimed USC was the "better team" after losing to Texas. Now, Pujols claimed Mets pitcher Tom Glavine "wasn't good" last night.

Sorry, Albert, but I'm pretty sure that seven innings, four hits, and no earned runs is good. You know what isn't good? Going 0-3 and getting doubled up off first base because you ran too far when you couldn't judge a pop fly. That's not good.

Finally, I have a blog to complain about sore losers in the game. Man up, fat Albert, and own up to the fact that Tom Glavine owned your team.

And by the way, your batting stances looks like you're tying to take a shit outside. Your batting face does too. Just letting you know.



Ha...for an Astros fan here in Houston (who's still waiting for Pujols' homer off Brad Lidge in last year's NLCS to land), you've put a slight, albeit a still-scared-that-he's-going-to-crush-this-ball-when-playing-the-'Stros, smile on my face. You lost, you were dominated. Win a World Series before you criticize Tom Glavine.

Just getting to this today but I think Pujols' comments were really meant as a slight against the way the cardinals played rather than Glavine himself. Glavine didn't dominate in asmuchas the Cards didn't hit. Of course, I'm a huge Cards fan so i am admittedly biased.

I hear you. And I don't take anything away from Pujol's talent. I saw him joking around with Delgado when he got on tonight in Game 6, so obviously, the Mets don't hold a grudge. Of course, saying while in the New York spotlight isn't the best of ideas.

Yeah, that was the weird thing about the comments. Pujols is usually smarter than that. He is usually pretty deferential to other teams, players, and teammates when he does well or when he struggles.

I can't say I was the least bit surprised that it became as big a deal as it has given his comments and the NYC press and fan base. Frankly, the Cards fans and press would have been all over the Mets had their star made similar comments...regardless of whether they were intended as an insult or not.

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