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How's That 15-Year Deal Working Out?

So I don't know if you heard, but the Islanders got their first win last night, a 5-4 decision over the No Longer Mighty Ducks. After giving up 12 goals in the first three games, all losses, it's nice to see Rick DiPietro get the monkey off of his back and pick up that first wi--wait, what? DiPietro didn't play? Oh. Well, then...my condolences, Islander fans. Just think, only 1,226 games left until you're free of that albatross.

It took journeyman goalie (and former Devil) Mike Dunham to get the Fishsticks into the win column. He made a pretty impressive 46 saves, including six rounds of shootouts, for the victory. But he looks like Lurch. So that's not good.

Anyway, enjoy the season, Islander fans. I'll take solace in knowing the Devils will play the Isles seven times.