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The Steelers Are a Sinking, Frost-Bitten Ship

As if it wasn't bad enough for the Steelers, here's a story straight out of the bizarre.

Guard Kendall Simmons is going to miss their game against the Chiefs this Sunday because of frostbite. I know what you're saying -- "Tom, it may be cold, but it can't be that cold yet." You're right. Simmons actually over-iced his heel trying to treat an injury; he fell asleep with his foot in a cooling device and now it's raw. Go ahead and laugh, I'll still be here when you're done....

...OK. Honestly, if you're expecting a joke here I'm sorry, you shall continue to wait. The situation is funny enough on its own, in a season that has produced three odd organ-related injuries in six weeks, this might be the oddest of the year.