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Gary Sheffield Thinks He's Worth Something

Of all the Yankees, I've hated Sheffield the most since he's been on the team. He's got an attitude that just pisses me off. Today, the Yankees picked up his 13 million dollar option for another year. You'd think he'd be estatic that one team thinks he's good enough to play another year. Instead, he's pissed because he actually thinks that there's a team out there that would give him three years in free agency.

Over the last few years, Sheff has had a myriad of injuries, including a wrist injury that kept him out of most of the 2006 season and a shoulder injury last year which he played through in 2005. He has no desire to be a team player either, having said he will not play first base for the New York Yankees.

Sheffield should be happy that a team will let him play first base. With all the injuries, including one shoulder injury, he becomes a defensive liability in the outfield. His average is still pretty good, so he may have to live with being a DH for an American League team and playing some first base.


According to ESPN.com, the Angels, Orioles, Cubs, Giants, Astros, and Rangers are all interested. I think that Sheffield would be a downgrade for some of these teams. The Giants may as well keep Bonds who is still an offensive threat and will sell many more seats as he tries to break the home run record. The Orioles already have a solid right fielder with rookie Nick Markakis. Obviously the Angels have Vladimir Guerrero in right who is always a beast. If Sheff were to go to any of those teams, right field would not be an option.

Gary Sheffield is an idiot for not praising God that the Yankees picked up his contract. It's possible they picked him up to trade him and he won't be able to pursue a three-year contract in free agency. But he's 37 and his body will not hold up for three years. This will save him the humiliation of having to bow out through retirement because his body failed him. He's on a team that had made the playoffs for 10 straight years. They also have an odd love of signing players way past their prime. That's you, Sheffield. Get used to it.


Not a team player? I thought that was the number one thing the Yankees look for these days.

We're all worth something.

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