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An Open Letter to Bill Murray: Please Buy the Cubs

An Open Letter To Bill Murray, wherein he's begged to purchase the Cubs out from under the "indifferent, PR-conscious media conglomerate" that currently owns the team.

That's why it's time one of us takes this team back. And Bill, you're just the guy to do it. Call up Spielberg, the Weinstein brothers. You know people with money. I mean, sheesh--you've only been in Hollywood for three decades. Put in your own considerable 10% in and be the face of the franchise. Shoot, get some of your brothers to pitch in. Hell, you could collect $1,000 from 10,000 Cubs fans. That's 10 mildo right there. Regular schmucks like me can find a grand to pitch in and stake a claim to a share, I assure you. Even if you weren't a die-hard, it'd be a good investment--Tribune will sell this team for possibly as much as twenty-five times what they paid for it merely twenty-five years ago, so your investment will only appreciate.

Spread the word, and maybe—just maybe—it'll come true...

Via Gapers Block.