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Drop the Puck

Yes! It's finally here.

You see, as much as I love the Saints, I'll never love a team more than the New Jersey Devils. They were my turnstile into the world of a sporting fan when I was just a wee little tike. So, though my fall/winter Sundays may be reserved for football, every other day of the week is owned by the NHL. SO I urge you all to watch the games this year; at least give hockey a chance.

The Devils season doesn't start until Friday, but the league starts its play tonight. Versus will be showing the Sabres/Hurricanes game -- it's the Canes' home opener, but they're not raising their Stanley Cup banner until home game #2 so they can weasel as many sellouts as they can. And so you feel confident in your knowledge of the game as you sit down to watch, you can catch up or discover the lovely world of hockey at these sites:

Off Wing Opinion
BitterLeaf Fan Page
The Hockey Project
John Buccigross at ESPN
Terry Frei at ESPN