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Them Playoffs

Wow, three MLB posts in a row?! Yes. As you probably know, the beast that is the MLB playoffs start today, and I figured I should at least mention it. The Tigers, despite my insistence on the contrary all season long, made the postseason, albeit in a mildly unconvincing fashion. They're lucky enough to draw the Yankees to open. Here are my immensely uninformed predictions:

Tigers vs. Yankees - Yankees in three. Even without Randy Johnson, the Yankees' should be able to dispatch of the Tigers rather capably, especially considering how the Tigers are limping into the series. Plus, you know, Yankee Stadium.

A's vs. Twins - Twins in four. Not having Francisco Liriano will hurt as the Twins get deeper into the playoffs, but they should be able to get past the Athletics by using Johan Santana twice. Plus, the A's are like the Timberwolves of baseball. One round and out.

Dodgers vs. Mets - Mets in three. The Metros found their bats at the right time and, even without Pedro, should do just fine.

Cardinals vs. Padres - What a difference a year makes. Still, the Cardinals are going to win this series in five. They're too good, too experienced, and too proud to have the season end like this.