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Why My Job is Better Than Yours

I got into work yesterday at 3 P.M., as usual. About 10 minutes later, my editor walked up to me.

"Tom, we need to talk." Not typically the words you want to hear delivered in a serious fashion.


"How would you like to go to Shea Stadium tomorrow?"

And with that, my day was set. I'm off to Shea today to cover the Mets opening playoff game against the Dodgers. I've covered high school and college sports, but this is my first crack at the pros. I can get to the stadium anytime I want with unfettered access to the field and locker room up until 30 minutes before gametime. And what's more? FREE FOOD. That's right. FREE. FOOD. I don't even like baseball that much, this press pass would be much more useful in Kyle's hands, but as they say....fuck it. Unfortunately, I have press credentials but nothing for photo, so the camera will have to stay at home. But I'll try and sneak some pictures on my camera and hope I don't get caught.

Tomorrow I'll give a whole rundown of my hopefully eventful day. Hopefully I manage to make an impact on the game somehow; I'm thinking about tripping Nomar on his way to BP ala Curb Your Enthusiasm. Or I'll just sit in the press box for hours eating free hot dogs. That's right, again: FREE. HOT. DOGS.

Can you tell how excited I am? Nothing beats FREE. HOT. DOGS.