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Celebrate Good Times Over and Over Again

While watching the end of the Divisional Series this weekend, I was surprised to see that the teams had themselves a champagne party after winning the first round. I understand the need to celebrate clinching a playoff spot. You played for a thousand games and now you get to play some more.

But partying after getting out of the first round? That's just ridiculous. This doesn't happen in any other sport. In every other sport, you celebrate after you win it all. And every other sport has more rounds to get through. Supposedly, winning the ALCS or NLCS means something because the leagues actually mean something in baseball. OK, I don't actually believe that, but at least it's an excuse.

In every interview, baseball players say their goal is to win the World Series, not to win the first round divisional series. So why all the fuss?

I fear that this will just lead to more parties. Next is champagne fests after one win in a series, and then eventually, you'll see players spraying each other after working out a walk. Soon enough, players will be drinking as they play. Of course, it is baseball, so I'm sure they could pull it off.

If the World Series is what it's all about, baseball should follow Tom4's suggestion. After winning the first round, players drink Pabst Blue Ribbon. After winning the Championship Series, it's Jaeger only. Then hit up the bubbly after winning it all. That'd add an extra thing to think about while playing in the Championship Series. Should you blow it because you don't want to drink Jaeger? That'd probably never happen, but Jaeger is pretty disgusting. Maybe the losers should also have to drink some nasty shit. I bet the Yankees would have played harder if they had to shotgun some Beast after losing.

Which ever way the MLB decides to go, lose the current format. It's lame.