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We've been on this here web for about two and a half months, and it's been very enjoyable having a medium to rant about sports. Well, with little fanfare, we reached our 100th comment (200+ posts, by the way). It was by barabajagal, who's been a loyal GloNo reader for as long as I can remember.

Fittingly, our 100th comment pointed out inconsistencies in my writing, proving once again I have no idea what the hell is going on anymore. I might actually have Alzheimer's at 22. Either way, there is no more fitting subject for our 100th comment than how unqualified I am to be an authority in anything. What does barabajagal get for being the lucky #100? Nothing but a hand shake. And since, uh, I don't think he lives in New Jersey, he'll just have to settle for this hearty e-thanks.

I realize Deadspin gets 100 comments in about, oh, 3 minutes, but for a modest little blog tucked away in North Jersey, I feel it's something to celebrate. So thanks, and we hope you keep coming back.



Woo hoo! Congratulations!

(What am I? #102?)

Congrats guys and thanks for giving me even more options to avoid work!

Tom, it's the province of sports geeks to make inconsistent statements, and it's the province of even bigger and less-knowledgeable geeks to point out their inconsistencies!

Like for example, the prediction of the Lions winning the NFC central.
Oh!! couldn't resist

Ahem, it's the NFC North. Or "Norris," if you're Chris Berman. And christ, was I wrong. Good lord was I wrong.

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