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Who's the Next Idiot to Gamble on Culpepper?

The other week, I saw some kid walking into 7-11 wearing a Miami Culpepper jersey. I just wanted to give him my condolences for such a bad purchase. Much like Moss' Raiders jersey or Alonzo Mourning's Nets jersey, it's one of the crappier jerseys to buy. But I didn't offer my condolences because he's the idiot who, much like the Miami organization, thought Culpepper was worth the risk and Drew Brees was not. Yup, great call right there.

With the Dolphins trading for Trent Green, who could give the Fins a good year, Daunte Culpepper, who could most definitely not give them a good year, is on his way out. As his last "fuck you" to Miami, who got absolutely nothing out of Culpepper, he is saying he'll block any trade attempt, wishing to hit free agency. No biggie, though, because Miami wasn't getting much for a guy who hasn't proved that his bum knee is any better than it was years ago.

The funniest part of this whole situation is that fantasy football players already know that going after Culpepper is a huge no-no. Tom4 can tell you. He drafted Culpepper with his second-overall pick two years ago (and Nate Burleson in the second round! Sigh - Tom), and boy was he fucked. Rumor has it that Baltimore and Atlanta are both interested in Culpepper. These teams can learn from Tom4's mistakes. It's really the same situation as his, except that instead of jobs, money, and championships on the line in the NFL, it's 120 bucks and a trophy that doubles as a bong.

Wherever Daunte goes, he shouldn't expect to start. The only way he's starting in Atlanta is if Vick is rotting in prison for dog fighting. If that's the case, he'll start in front of Joey Harrington like he did in Miami. I'm sure Joey would be ecstatic to get another chance to start after Culpepper blows out that knee again. As for Baltimore, I would think they're smart enough not to have to injury-prone, old QBs helming their team. But then again, Steve McNair is their current starter and this is the team that went with the Kyle Boller/Chris Redman combo for years.

Either way, I'm sure Culpepper will not be playing a meaningful game any time soon. And I'm sure many fantasy footballers like Tom4 will enjoy watching his career fizzle out.