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Please Vote for Me -- I Need the Self-Esteem

UPDATE - The voting ended in a tie last night and has been extended. And I'm falling fast. Vote often! From numerous computers!

Thanks to all of your help, not to mention that of my stunningly handsome visage, I was able to advance into the second round of the Campbell Conference of the Ladies... Hot Blogger Tournament. (It thrills me to no end to be included in the Campbell Conference, representing old-school NHL flava.)

Anyway, the end of second round voting is tonight sometime, and I'm involved in a tight race with someone who BLOGS ABOUT ARENA FOOTBALL. No offense to my opponent, he's actually a good writer and I've gotten quite the chuckle from his site (which I won't advertise here because, hell, he's the enemy), but I'm repping the NFL. He's repping the Arena league. The disparity is evident, no? A vote for Tom Mantzouranis is a vote for good ole' fashioned football, not that pygmie thing they've got going on.

Not to mention, that's clearly a staged photo of him, which means that he's probably wearing make-up and everything. Should that fly? I say, heartily, "Nah, brah." There are no misrepresentations to be found in my photo. Just handsomeness.

So please, please, please, vote for me. I've got lots of serious issues with my face, and double as a cutter. Your votes will heal me!

And hurry, because, as I said, voting ends tonight. Thanks.