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Here You Go

That's the 12th round of Saturday's supposedly-incredible De La Hoya/Mayweather fight, which you might have heard about if you weren't in a coma for the last few months. Sadly (actually, I'm pretty OK with it) I didn't see the fight; I spent my Saturday watching other Mexicans fighting without the gloves. They didn't have the boyish charm of fellow Mexicano De La Hoya, but it's a lot more entertaining when they're drunk on Cinco De Mayo glory and are able to use foreign objects from the New Jersey streets.

Anyway, YouTubers, probably the same evil thieves who have crippled the music industry with their "file-sharing," have made this video -- the very same one you're about to/have already watch(ed) -- the most-watched on YouTube. As MDS explains in obviousness, that's shocking. Those videos are usually down in minutes, yet whoever owns the rights to this international broadcast (the above video isn't the American feed) obviously doesn't care who watches what for free. And to that, we say: thank you! Let's make this Internets a bohemian paradise.