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Some Perspective

I don't typically like to get too newsy or serious here. I mean, in the wake of something as awful as the Virginia Tech shooting, what am I supposed to say?

Nick Dallamora, however, has plenty of interesting, insightful things to say. Dallamora is one of the brains behind The Dugout and a writer at the MLB FanHouse. He's also a student at Virginia Tech and, while thankfully OK, was near the drama.

Dallamora has responded by writing a series called "Through Hokie Eyes" for the FanHouse, which captures the mindset on campus at the moment. It's a simple, incredibly sad, well-written take on an event that will be dissected over and over again in the coming weeks. During the subsequent period of overanalysis -- what the school's security was like, how the situation could have been handled better, what drove the shooter to do what he did -- it's important to remember that there is a community in Virginia, and 30+ sets of parents, who are too heartbroken and shaken to look at a soapbox let alone get up on one.

Lots of innocent people have died. While that's terrific news material, it's also a deeply-effecting tragedy. Dallamora's personal take, with a finger on the pulse of the campus, treats it as such.