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With A.I. Gone, Larry Brown Can Return

Which is exactly what Stephen A. Smith says will happen.

It's the unspoken expectation around the Wachovia Center these days, but an expectation reverberating around the Sixers nevertheless: The second this season is over, the second team chairman Ed Snider and his cronies finish scribbling notes from whatever public relations firm they retain, all of Cheeks' effort and dedication will be thrown to the wayside in favor of that familiar old coach who loves to preach about playing the right way.

That will occur even though some observers swear the old coach stops practicing such things the minute a few million dollars is waiting at his door.

I can see why the 76ers want Brown back -- he's got the name power and (for the most part) the resume, and with Iverson gone the city of Philly is his again. But if your Brown, and you just went through the debacle that was the New York Knicks, and you're getting paid $18.5M from your former employer to do nothing, and you've coached seven teams and have already won an NCAA and an NBA title....why put yourself through the mess in Philadelphia right now?

Brown's a great coach, these guys never lose the desire to prove themselves, yadda yadda yadda. I still don't get it. Just another headache.