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Yeah, That's About Rock Bottom

I've tried to stay away from this Pacman Jones story -- it's been done just about everywhere, and there's nothing really new I can add. Although I've been working on making it rain -- I use coins, though, because I only have enough bills for a light drizzle.

ANYWAY, a hat tip to With Leather for this, because it's just oh so good.

In March, 2006 Metro Police announced some major drug arrests. A lot of the evidence for the arrests was from conversations police had taped with different dealers. Although Jones faced no charges in connection with the investigation, his name was mentioned in the taped recordings....

Jones' buddy convicted drug dealer Darryl Moore was the center of the investigation and now his conversations may be very telling of Jones' own problems.

So what was said by the drug dealer regarding Jones? Humorously enough, he was planning an intervention of sorts.

We gotta get him focused on football, man. He's focused on too much other s****... You know, I was talkin' to him the other day about smokin', and he was like 'man, if I didn't smoke I couldn't take all the stress that I'm dealing with right now.'...[Titans coach Jeff] Fisher's being as patient as a m*****f***** as he can. Fisher gotta win. Fisher trying to win...He ain't putting up with that s***... He gotta concentrate on season...that ******* drug test coming up. We telling him he needed 33 days before he took his ******* test; dry-out, and he didn't...that's let me know right there that he ain't taking his ****** job serious.

Say what you will about considering the source -- a drug dealer -- but dealers take their jobs very seriously.