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Bernie Williams: Stubborn

As the mothership has pointed out in their new (shiny) MLB FanHouse, Bernie Williams hasn't, and probably won't, report for spring training.

Bernie Williams rejected the Yankees' offer of a minor league contract and will wait to see if a guaranteed job opens up for him on the team.

New York manager Joe Torre spoke with Williams last week and tried to reach him, without success, on Sunday.

"Bernie told me he had talked with Joe. Other than the invite, there wasn't any information that led him to believe he would be a member of the team," Williams' agent, Scott Boras, said Tuesday. "He's continuing to work out, will wait to see if their position changes."

This Bernie Williams scenario is beginning to remind me of Tiki Barber's actions of late. Both were supposed to be character guys who turned into petulant little kids in their old age. Williams needs to realize that the Yankees are actually doing him a favor by offering him a minor league contract, a sign of gratitude for all his contributions to the team.

Williams can wait all he wants for a guaranteed contract, but it's not going to come. He doesn't want to play in the minors, and he doesn't want to retire. He's being very tough to deal with right now. It hasn't exactly been the smoothest of spring trainings for the Yankees.

It's rare that I defend the Yankees, so you know I must be serious. Williams' play has been on the decline. His time is over. He needs to accept the fact that the Yankees are attempting to move on while nodding to their past.

Maybe he can turn all of this angst into one helluva jazz song.