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Who Do I Think Should Coach Dallas Next? Mike Martz

I'm writing this because I know, even though he doesn't like to admit it, Jerry Jones holds my opinion very high. So, just in case I'm at work when he calls, he can read my opinion here.

When it comes to Mike Martz, I'm biased. Although, for the most part, my Rams fandom blossomed after they lost to the Pats in the Superbowl -- and subsequently the beginning of the end of Martz's downfall in St Louis -- he still gave me some damn good thrills. No game was out of reach for the Rams when Martz was controlling the offense. They had many great comebacks during the end of his tenure that had me jumping on the couch and screaming.

Now, I'm sure Martz isn't even being considered for the head coach spot in Big D. In fact, his offense in Detroit only began to show signs of life towards the end of the season. However, I think that Martz would have even better weapons in Dallas.

Tony Romo is the kind of quarterback that Martz loves to turn into stars. Jon Kitna is a decent quarterback, but at this point, he won't be anything more than a decent quarterback with a good arm. Tony Romo already showed glimpses of what he could be. By the end of the season, he was considered a bit overrated, but that's because the media kept hyping him up when it was no longer necessary. Martz helped Kurt Warner and Marc Bulger become great quarterbacks in his system, both guys who paid their dues on the bench, much like Romo.


With T.O. sticking around, he'll definitely get a lot of balls thrown his way in the Martz system, as well as Terry Glenn and Patrick Crayton -- Martz loved hitting third and even fourth receivers in St Louis. And Julius Jones and Marion Barber III will get their openings.

So would Martz work out on the Cowboys? Honestly, probably not. Half of the reason I want him to coach them is because I don't really like the Cowboys. No doubt the offense would be hot, but Martz had front office quarrels in St. Louis that eventually led him to the curb. With an owner like Jerry Jones, Martz would not have the power he might like, and I doubt he'd be able to handle Owens. Reasons like this are why he hasn't been considered for many head coaching spots, and the front office problems could be a big factor for why he turned Oakland down last year.

If Martz can co-exist with those around him, and he has the right defensive coordinator, he's a good coach. As head coach of the Rams, he made the playoffs four times in six years and went to the Super Bowl once. Not a bad resume for anyone. Martz's last days in St. Louis made him appear much more insane than he really is as the front office should accept more of the blame for that situation than they do. He eventually should get another shot at a head coaching job, and if Dallas believed he would fit in with their office staff, I'd say go for it. It won't happen, but hopefully, he will find a head coaching job soon. Until then, we get to wait and watch to see what coach Dallas does pick. There aren't many great options out there, so this should be interesting.