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New NHL Uniforms Arrive

For three years, Reebok and the NHL have worked together to design a new uniform that all 30 teams will use. And, as you can see from the picture to your left, they are....exactly the same as the last uniforms?

I've been a hockey fan for many, many years. I've seen a lot of hockey jerseys in my life. And I've read a lot about the new-look NHL uniforms and I still don't see any difference, except that they're a little tighter.

The main difference seems to be the material, which will let players stay cool (instead of wearing new jerseys, they should just come to me for advice on that) and be more aerodynamic. That's no fun for us, though.

These are just the All-Star uniforms, each team's individual unis won't be available for criticism until a later date. But what do you think? Are you a fan? Or do you, like me, not see any outstanding difference at all?

By the way, the new jerseys will run the average fan $425. No, I didn't forget a decimal point. That's a whole number. Put those eyes back in your head.

Reactions from fashion-minded hockey fans around the world:

Off Wing Opinion - From a first look, it isn't half bad. Then again, I don't have to wear it, and the real test is going to come when we see how the teams deploy their traditional logos and color schemes onto the new duds.

E.J. Hradek - The new look isn't anywhere near as bad as what I had been hearing. The horror stories making the rounds included a tucked-in look and a totally vertical design that couldn't allow for the traditional horizontal stripes that can be found near the bottom of just about every current jersey....I'm going to reserve my final judgment until I see the individual team jerseys. If they've butchered any of the traditional Original Six jerseys, I don't think I'm going to be too thrilled, but I'm willing to wait and see. I also want to wait and see what the players really think.

Uni Watch - It could've been worse. A lot worse. That's Uni Watch's preliminary reaction to the NHL's new Reebok-designed, snug-fitting "uniform system," which will get a test drive in Wednesday night's All-Star Game and then be used league-wide next season.



I don't know what everybody is talking about.There is a HUGE difference between the current jerseys and the proposed jersey system. Look at the picture of Crosby. He looks like a gay mummy! The jersey is so tight , that I will be unable to watch these guys skating around next season. They could of kept the same cut with the new materials.The hem line is no longer straight.The sleeves tuck into the gloves. Bettman has a plan to change the game in every aspect, even if it means futuristic uniforms. The neckline looks real lame also with the shield. All of the space age material underarm gussets which will be used for color accents are going to look disgusting. The socks are even a joke! It looks like he is wearing 3 pairs of them at once. I hope that eventually this whole idea will become Bettman's Folly!
What a Schmuck he is!
This is not the last change, there will be many more year after year after year. The grand old game of Hockey will become a joke. I have heard that Bettman even desires the Goalies to wear a different Color Jersey like in Soccer(the season after next). The NHL needs not to worry about climbing the sports pecking order(which they never will) and give the game back to the true Fans!!!

Posted by: Rob | March 6, 2007 05:48 PM

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