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The Nickname "Tank" Is Fitting

Some peculiar information has been released regarding Tank Johnson's arrest a few weeks back. Here is what the cops found in his house:

• .44 Magnum Smith and Wesson
• .50 caliber Desert Eagle handgun
• .45 caliber handgun (which was loaded and tucked underneath a chair)
• .308 caliber Winchester rifle
• Colt AR-15 assault rifle
• .223 caliber assault rifle

All this to go along with 550 rounds of ammo. Of course, Tank's punishment was a one-game suspension, despite being properly equipped for a Cold War sequel.

Hollis Thomas? Four games for trying to treat his asthma.

The NFL, ladies and gentlemen!



yeah hes got guns so does everybody else who cares

yeah hes got some so does everybody else who cares

"so does everybody else"

I'm almost positive that's not true. Just a hunch.

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