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It's Not Summer, But Mariotti Loves Flip-Flops

I'm glad that people are on top of these sportswriters and all of their inconsistencies. Now with the internet, where everything is archived for the world to see, we're finally able to prove that these people are just like you or I, except with a clubhouse pass.

The one who gets it the most is, rightfully, Jay Mariotti. With the Bears in the Super Bowl, now seems like a good time to track Mariotti's opinings on Lovie Smith. I'm too lazy, but the ridiculously-titled Boise Wants Jay Mariotti blog is on top of things.

2004 January 8 - But if the Bears hire him or Romeo Crennel or Lovie Smith or Mike Nolan or any other defensive coordinator who crosses their cluttered radar screen, well, put it this way:

I'll see you outside Soldier Field for the mass burning of Personal Seat Licenses.

January 13 - Given a choice between Grimm and Lovie Smith, the other announced finalist and featured interviewee today, I wonder if Craig T. Nelson is available. If Smith at least has experience as an NFL defensive coordinator, he arrives with the baggage of the St.Louis Rams' season- ending collapse, which includes not only the 29 points and 485 yards allowed to the Carolina Panthers on Saturday, but also a defensive letdown against the lowly Detroit Lions last month. Can you see the Bears, franchise of Butkus and the '85 defense, hiring a coach named Lovie?

The lesson, as always: anyone can be a sportswriter. That's why I do it.



Heh heh. You couldn't have picked a better moron, either. I'd say there should be a website devoted to the written proof he knows nothing about football--but he displays it each and every time he turns in an article. He's despised here in Chicago.

Well, you're in luck barabs --


Ah...good stuff.

"No circumstance highlights Jay’s complete inadequacy as a writer more than a win like that. How does a guy whose total lack of insight is matched only by his absence of a soul, whose style is smarmy on the days he’s feeling charitable and downright cruel when he’s cranky, whose metrosexuality and pride in being loathed by an entire city was profiled in Chicago Magazine, capture the spirit of a total team win in the face of a national media that had all but buried them?

Basically, he doesn’t."


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