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Eat It, Klosterman

What Chuck Klosterman needs -- what any sportswriter needs, really -- is for his opinion (in this case, that the BCS doesn't need a playoff system) to be validated. After declaring that the current bowl system is exhilarating, exciting, wheeeee!, Ohio State (the so-called best team in the nation) was absolutely trounced by Florida. It's been a pretty good 12 months for Gators fans, huh?

Ohio State, statistically, was the worst opponent Florida played all year. The Buckeyes was able to scrounge up 82 lonely yards of offense. They haven't been the same since Maurice Clarett left, that's for sure. And I'm not just talking about the decline in on-campus crime. Ayy-Ohh!

Troy Smith's height has already put a ceiling on his draft status, last night's game makes you wonder how much he'll drop after this big-game showing.

What do you think Mike Cooper did to ease the pain of the loss?

The game wasn't exactly a ringing endorsement for the current system, especially since the national championship game wasn't even technically a bowl game. It makes you wonder whether or not LSU or Boise State should have been in that game instead, which challenges the entire concept of the rankings. But I'll stop reading my script from Sports Reporters and get off of my soapbox. I'm getting a little high-strung and all; you know, the Saints are on in only four days.