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Tom Glavine Chooses (Settles For?) Mets

After what seemed like a good month, Tom Glavine finally signed a one-year, $10.5M contract with the Mets. Glavine was debating between the Mets, who he had his first really good year with just last season, and the Atlanta Braves, where his home is.

Glavine's agent said that the Mets were very classy about the fact they didn't pick up his option, which would have forced him to stay with New York, and they didn't pressure him to make a decision. Supposedly, the longer he thought about it, the longer he felt good about New York.

The news that made that a little less sweet: Atlanta never made Glavine an offer. Sure, Glavine said he was sure one would happen eventually, but I don't know about that. Of course New York looked good after awhile because he realized he didn't have any other options. I bet if Atlanta made that same offer in a quick fashion, he would have picked them. We'll never know, but the fans will be settling on Glavine like he's settling on us.


I see my neighbor Marty at the gym often, and he's a big Mets fan. In fact, that's all we talk about. If the Mets didn't exist, I probably would never talk to the guy. I expect us to talk a lot less after hot stove and then not at all until spring. He didn't really care if they signed Glavine or not, and he doesn't think he's worth $10M. He thinks Glavine is worth $5M. Max.

Maybe that's true, but I think the Mets are going to be better off with Glavine. He's just 10 wins away from 300, which will be enjoyable if he's able to get it this year. He's a good team leader, which will be crucial because I expect the pitching staff to be pretty young next year. Glavine was big in the playoffs and feels like he has some unfinished business in New York. The Mets have the money to spend, so why not give Glavine a good deal for his last year?

One last note: Marty thinks the Mets are going to be able to pry Dontrelle Willis from the Marlins. He thinks that the Mets will package Milledge, Heilman, and maybe Maine or Pelfrey for Willis. With Florida's love of young guys, and their reluctance to have any big contracts, I wouldn't be too surprised if they did make a trade like that. I'd be pumped if they do. I'd be erect every time I see Willis in a Mets uniform.

Of course, my neighbor could be dead wrong. It's not like he's Tom Verducci or anything. If he's right, well, then I'll have to bleed him for all my baseball news. Or just have him write my blogs for me. Whichever is easier.