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There Is No BCS Controversy This Year, But It Still Sucks

Sure, people out there are going to say that Michigan got robbed. But honestly, Florida vs. Ohio State is the way it should be.

I'm no fan of the BCS. If D-II and D-III can have a playoff, why can't D-I? This year, however, they got it right. Michigan was a good team, but they didn't have many tough games. They beat #2 Notre Dame, but Notre Dame wasn't as good as people had predicted they'd be and no one had realized that at the time. And they lost to #1 Ohio State. The SEC is tough, probably the toughest in college football this year. Florida beat #13 Tennessee, #9 LSU, and #8 Arkansas. Plus they beat Georgia, who is always tough.

Michigan fans obviously feel they've been screwed, but the fact is, they already had a shot against OSU and they lost. Why should they get another shot at the #1 team in the nation when there's a team out there just as good who hasn't got a chance to play them?

In the end, there's always going to be one team who's pissed. A playoff system would be a good way to avoid all this, but we can't mess with tradition, can we? And because of that backwards thinking, we have to listen to people talking about how one team got robbed or how another doesn't deserve their shot. This year, the BCS lucked out and things seemed to fall into place.