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The Return of New Mexico

It's been buzzing around the Internet this morning, everywhere except, oddly, ESPN.com. Marcus Vick is in trouble again, and this time it's a doozy.

A girl he's been linked to in the past is now suing him for $6.3M, throwing all sorts of fun accusations his way. Namely, that he, at 20, had sex with her, at 15, and that tryst continued until she was 17. The sly young Romeo also forced her to have sex with him and another man at the same time, which is just in poor taste. What kind of real man invites another dude into the fray? And beyond that, in the Dispatch's words:

The suit also alleges that Vick told her that it was necessary for her "to engage in sexual intercourse with other adult men in order to please him."

He won her over by telling the girl that he loved her, wanted her to have his baby, and that sex between the two, despite her age, was acceptable. You know, your standard boilerplate stuff.

But, in all honesty, Vick's not a terrible guy. He did offer her booze and pot. I can understand her falling for the guy, free booze and pot is all it takes to get me in the sack, too.