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Mike Tyson. That Says It All.

I want you to watch the video above and then tell me if you're surprised at all that Mike Tyson was arrested on DUI and cocaine possession charges early this morning.

I'll spare you all of the effigies and the tales of a once-in-a-lifetime athlete and his tragic circumstances. Those have been done to death. Is it mean to laugh at the misgivings of another human being? Sure. But what is life if not folly?

There is one thing that Mike Tyson has given us that is and always will be pure. Not the memories, of triumphs and failures. Not the images, the headlines, the quotes. Punch-Out. No matter what becomes of Mike in the future years, he gave us Punch-Out. And for that, Mike Tyson will always be my hero.

Seriously, though: Can't a guy get a blow job? Preach it, Mike. Preach it.