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Dumb Sports Quotes Of The Year

Now THIS is what I'm talking about. The sports media is a ripe target for assault (the humor kind, not the physical kind, although I reconsider whenever Sean Salisbury's on TV). In-touch sports fans recognize the idiots, sense the flip-floppers, have hyperbole detectors and, oh, common sense too. That's why I've fallen in love with these here sports blogs -- the "experts" may have the cushy jobs, but it's the sporting public that has consistently proven that they're the ones who really know what they're talking about.

Unfortunately, highlighting the idiocy in the sports media is a yeoman's work. A task that requires a batch of steveadores and some oxmen. Even narrowing it to a year's worth of chicanery is a tough task, one that I don't have the mental fortitude to tackle. And hence, the hero emerges.

JoeSportsFan.com has compiled a 2006 anthology of dumb quotes from the sporting media. Like a urine detector in a public pool, or a blacklight that reveals all of the lint on your clothes, JoeSportsFan has made it impossible for these fellow to claim integrity. The jig is up. Here is a brief collection of my favorites:

RISE "I think, at some point right before training camp, Rex Grossman had an arm transplant from Dan Fouts." – Peter King after Week 2

"The Bears have a legitimate top-level quarterback in Rex Grossman" – Vic Carruci, 10/1

"Rex Grossman really impressed me. Grossman played with confidence." – Shannon Sharpe 9/24

"Until Rex Grossman learns to take care of the ball, this is not a Super Bowl team." - Peter King, 11/6

"Maybe Rex Grossman's Monday night nightmare against Arizona wasn't such an aberration after all." – Vic Carucci, NFL.com, 11/6

"With all due respect to Grossman, he hasn't been in many situations where he had to right the ship mid-game. He has not built up the mental toughness yet to overcome adversity." – Shannon Sharpe, 11/5

Let's not forget about baseball:

"Imagine how great the World Series would be if it were played in Miami or San Diego every year....You have the great tradition of St. Louis and a nice-sized media market in Detroit. Yet the ratings are swooning and creaking under the strain of a World Series affected by cold weather in both cities." – Mike Freeman, sportsline.com

Yes, imagine how awesome it would be to see your home town team play up to seven games in the World Series that is being attended by 15,000 people who absolutely couldn't care less who wins. Awesome scenario. And call us crazy, but we don't think the fact that it was cold in the cities affected the TV ratings, since people are... watching from their TV.

Enjoy the rest.