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Here's A Penny For Your Thoughts

This is sort of old news, but my mind isn't what it used to be and sometimes I forget basketball still exists. Forgive me. The Sonics worked out Penny Hardaway on Monday, and coach Bob Hill said Penny was in better shape than he expected, though it's unsure of whether Penny will sign a contract.

People often ask me about my bias against basketball and where it comes from. Truth be told, I have nothing against the game. In my formative years, I was engulfed by the game, specifically the Magic and their young duo of world-beaters. Hardaway was my boy. I got into the NBA because of him, and, when his career fell apart, my view of the game was never the same.

It's kinda sad that a young generation of basketball fans won't ever know of a guy who, for a brief window, was going to be Magic. He was LeBron when LeBron was no taller than L'il Penny.

Watching him now is like watching the corruption of my childhood. And now that I've gone all Dr. Phil on ya, I'll simply direct you to the video above, to re-live a brief period of NBA greatness.