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That's No Way to Treat Someone

The Associated Press ran a lovely story today on a 45-year-old blind woman from Afghanistan participating in the New York City Marathon. She wants to run the marathon until she's 90. And she wasn't even born blind. In 1997, in New York, she was punched in the head by a mentally-disturbed teenager, a blow which destroyed her retinas. And that was back in 1997, four years before it was acceptable to punch someone in the head just because they're from Afghanistan. It's a lot tougher to adjust to being blind when you've spent 36 years of your life being able to see.

But what's odd is that the story is on the AP's "Horse Racing News Wire." What are they trying to say? That the woman is no better than a horse since she's from Afghanistan? (At least she's not one of those assholes from Uzbekistan). Because she's blind? Or is the mentally-disturbed teenager the equivalent of the horse in this story (which makes more sense because he's...well, you know)?

Even though I have no real reason why, I'm offended.